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Various campaign information will be stored here, primarily a listing of important places, organizations and house rules, all kept at hand for quick reference.

Rules/Campaign Information
References for character creation, campaign rules and guidelines
Campaign Information and House Rules
PC Races of Ghelspad
Relics and Rituals altered or disallowed spells
Scarredlands basic history
Gods of the Scarredlands
Invocation Benefits
The Titans
Calendar of Scarn

Player Character Information
Experience Points
Guild Rules, punishments and information
Specialist Clutches

Home-brew Prestige Classes
Back Alley Sniper
Sa’an Bone Collector
Shelzar Under-city Stalker

Shelzar Information
In or out of game references having to do with the city or the region around Shelzar.
Shelzar General Information
Notable People

Shelzar Locations
Rahsadi Compound on Golden Triangle
Aysul’s Den
Temple of Enkili

Shelzar Districts
South Docks District

Shelzar Groups or Organizations
The Church of Drendari
The Crimson Crow Trading House
House Asuras
Sa’an Crime Cartel


Other Places
City of Calas – Heteronomy of Virduk
The Barbed-Fiend Dominion
The Hornsaw Forest


Main Page

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