South Docks District

The South Docks

When people speak of “the docks” it is generally the South Docks they are talking about. Shelzar’s docks are very much like those of most cities; grimy, dirty, polluted and overrun by brothels, dilapidated warehouses, flophouses and taverns. The South Docks are rife with crime , especially smuggling, even more so than is common in other cities. The pervasive smell of dead fish, smoke and boat tar hangs oppressively in the area.
The few residences found within the South Docks are tightly-packed, multi-story dwelling, these apartment blocks generally built around a shared inner courtyard. Buildings are primarily made of stone with clay-tiled roofs.

Landmarks and places of note:
Paladins of Corean – A large, dark fortress located in the center of the district; it was constructed by the prestigious Brunwyn Craft Guild and is a strong and impressive fortification that is said to house nearly fifty of Corean’s paladins.

Shrine to Manawe – Located to the far west of the city’s southern coast, the open-air shrine is located on the water, serving Shelzar’s large community of folk who make their living harvesting the sea’s bounty. The shrine is located in a clean and affluent (for the South Docks anyways) portion of the district, within sight of the graceful spires and rooftops of the Pezwahri district. Services take place before ships leave the harbor at low tide (early morning) and again when the tide brings the ships home in the evening.

Harbor master’s Office – An old, but stately building of polished stone capped with a dome of jade-colored green and bronze statuary. The harbor master’s offices take up the entire second floor of the building as the first floor primarily houses the unit of Crimson Legionnaires who have loyally guarded this building for the last five years.
The building itself is located a good two or three blocks from the southernmost docks, but its tall minaret with bronze-worked dome allows for an all-around view that not only allows a glimpse of the waterfront, but is an ideal place to survey the majority of the district and the city beyond.

South Watchtower – Located just north of the district’s northern-most piers, this structure is the last of the city’s renowned watch towers, architectural works of art that at one time ringed the city. The tower gracefully rises several stories from the pier below with observational platforms circling the tower at various heights. The tower’s peaked top houses great bells which ring only to announce the coming of major storms from the Blossoming Sea. The sound of the bells echoes for miles and the citizens of Shelzar know to seek shelter at the peal of these bells.

South Docks District

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