Known throughout the lands as a den of debauchery, decadence and sin, Shelzar is an ancient city, awash in history, ruled by wealth and steeped in corruption.
A land where you are rich, you are beautiful or you are nothing – or so it would appear on the surface…

“Enkili dreams and Shelzar grows” ~ Ghurika, prophet of Enkili

As in any setting so devoted to the whimsical biddings of the trickster, Enkili, there is nothing that goes too long in Shelzar without changing. There are none so high that they cannot fall before the Goddess of chaos and there are none so low that they cannot sink lower still. In Shelzar luck, wits, wealth and willingness will get you far – but if Enkili wills otherwise, you are fucked.

“To indulge in pleasurable acts is to be mortal, to be ruled by pleasurable acts is to be Shelzari.” ~ Al’Zine, efreet advisor of Elz

It is said that the only things one cannot find through the Shelzari black markets are purity and honesty. It is truly a city of vice and over-indulgence; the Shelzari have made an industry on catering to the most depraved instincts of mortals, feeding man’s downfall carnally, spiritually and monetarily. But it is not by wicked design that Shelzar brings out the inner pervert or inner addict in its guests, it is very much a way of life for the thousands of citizens who make their home here. To be awash in sex, to be fuzzle-minded on substances or to be so deeply consumed by vice that all else loses importance, is simply to be Shelzari, though not all of the city’s inhabitants embody this stereotype to the extreme.

“In the deepest shadows of our hidden hearts, we all long to be Shelzari” ~ Anselmo Mirku, Redeemer of Madriel

This campaign will immerse its players in what it is to be Shelzari and to live in the shadows of Shelzar; beginning as new pledges into one of the city’s growing crime syndicates. The players will try to carve out their piece of the city. How high you climb or how low you fall is for you to decide. The twisting labyrinth of Enkili’s dreams lie before you.
Shelzar – the city of sins, pleasures and riches awaits your arrival.

Shelzari Nights

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