Gods of the Scarredlands

The Pantheon of the Scarred Lands is made up of the 8 primary gods and the titan Denev who over-threw the titans.

- Corean (CORE-ay-ahn), the Avenger, the Champion; god of Chivalry, Craftwork, Strength, Protection and Wisdom.
• Alignment: Lawful good
• Domains: Artifice, Fire, Glory (heroism, honor), Good (archon), Law (archon), Protection (defense, purity)
• Holy Symbol: Four Longswords forming a compass rose.

- Madriel (MA-dree-el), the Redeemer, the First Angel of Mercy; goddess of the sun, light, sky, redemption, healing, agriculture.
• Alignment: Neutral good
• Domains: Air (wind), Community (family), Good (agathion), Healing (restoration, ressurection), Repose (souls), Sun (day, light)
• Holy Symbol: Spear with a tassle of peacock feathers.

- Tanil (TAH-nil), the Huntress, goddess of travel, hunting, forestry, music, archery, freedom and good fortune.
• Alignment: Chaotic good
• Domains: Animal (feather, fur), Liberation (freedom), Luck (fate), Plant (growth), Travel (exploration), Trickery (deception).
• Holy Symbol: Three bronze arrows lying parallel.

- Hedrada (heh-DRAH-dah), the Lawgiver, the Judge; god of Law, Justice, Wealth, Order, Cities and Knowledge.
• Alignment: Lawful Neutral
• Domains: Community, Earth, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Rune (language, wards)
• Holy Symbol: Two-handed hammer

- The titan, Denev (den-EV), the Earth Mother
• Alignment: Neutral
• Domains: None
• Holy Symbol: Stone sickle with a flowering wooden hilt.

- Enkili (en-KEE-lee), the Trickster, the Shapeshifter, the Unlucky; god or goddess of Storms, Trickery, Chaos and Misfortune.
• Alignment: Chaotic neutral
• Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Trickery
• Holy Symbol: Mask decorated with lightning shooting from the eye slits.

- Chardun (char-DOON), the Slaver, the Overlord, the Great General; god of War, Domination, Conquest, Avarice and Pain.
• Alignment: Lawful Evil
• Domains: Evil, Law, Strength, War.
• Holy symbol: Blood-soaked golden scepter, crowned with a thorny laurel wreath.

- Belsameth (BEL-sa-meth), the Slayer, the Assassin; goddess of Darkness, Death, Nightmares, Deception, Witchcraft and Madness.
• Alignment: Neutral evil
• Domains: Death, Evil, Magic, Trickery
• Holy symbol: Thin circle on a black field (signifying the lunar eclipse)

- Vangal (VAN-gahl), the Reaver, the Ravager; god of Destruction, Pestilence, Famine, Bloodshed, Thunder and Disaster
• Alignment: Chaotic Evil
• Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War
• Holy symbol: Cloven shield dripping blood.

Gods of the Scarredlands

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