City of Calas - Heteronomy of Virduk

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Calas is the Capital and the largest city of the Heteronomy of virduk with a population of roughly 21,000 people.
Population breakdown:
53% halfling
34% human
10% orc/half-orc
2% slitheren
1% other
Government: The local Satrap Tomvolie Kres has been given the authority to rule the nation in King Virduk’s name. The Satrap answers only to the King.
Languages: Calastian, Shelzari
Religion: Hwyrrd, Enkili, Chardun
Resources: Wheat, Dairy products, wine, beer, dried fish, meat, produce, leather goods, woodcrafts

Originally a part of the Province of Calas, a part of the Ledean Empire that controlled the majority of the continent during its time. With the crumbling of the empire and the gradual formation of independent nations among the former Ledean territories, Fort Calas grew to become the city of Calas, a name which is rather ironic considering that Calas has become the heart of Calastian dominance of the region.

Calas is built upon the shores of the Broadreach River, which once served as the border between the Empire of Zathiske and the Empire of Elz. The Broadreach is a mighty and swiftly flowing river and navigating the treacherous waters is considered nearly suicidal by those not familiar with the rivers currents, eddys and rapids; to many of the townsfolk the river is sacred and beloved and possesses many nick names that locals speak with familiarity and fondness.

The lands around Calas are primarily fertile hills and miles of endless farmlands. Small stands of thick, tangled forests dot the landscape here and there and many natural and man-made streams and canals branch outward from the Broadreach River to irrigate the interior of the nation and feed the many ponds and lakes surrounding the countryside beyond the city.

Spryantu Hills – These wide, low hills remind halfling settlers of their lost homeland and currently are the neighborhoods desired by wealthy halflings in the city. Their gentle slopes are home to those nobles descended from the Featherwood family and to the greatest temple of Hwyrdd found in Ghelspad. The Ashworthy family is also known to have a cottage in this part of the city.

Satrap’s Manse – This sprawling, fortified mansion serves as living quarters for Satrap Tomvolie Kres.

Tuskag – The city of Calas has a number of ghettos, but this one is known for its half-orc population, which actually predates the new military policies.

Blackhills – Another of the Calas ghettos, this one is renowned as the original home of the halfling rebel, Orzu.

Enkili’s Oak – A massive, ancient black oak tree that grows on a grassy rise overlooking the Broadreach river just south of Calas. The Oak tree figures into many local legends and stories; it is rumored that eating the odd black acorns can have dangerous affects on a person. Many worshipers of Enkili come here to commune with their goddess and the riverside near the oak is a popular gathering place during spring and summer months.
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City of Calas - Heteronomy of Virduk

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